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  • Squirrel Group. - The Sciuroidea, which include the great group of squirrels, sousliks, marmots, &c., all comprised in the single family Sciuridae, differ from the sewellels in having large post-orbital processes to the skull (figs.
  • These lead on to the sousliks, Spermophilus (or Citellus), in which the incisors (as in the following genera) differ from those of all the squirrels in not being compressed.
  • In their slender build and :small size, prairie-marmots are much more like sousliks than marmots.
  • Sousliks feed on roots, seeds and berries, and occasionally on animal food, preying on eggs, small birds and mice.
  • Sousliks are eaten by the inhabitants of the Russian steppes, who consider their flesh an especial delicacy.

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