Sentence Examples

  • A slave often ran away; if caught, the captor was bound to restore him to his master, and the Code fixes a reward of two shekels which the owner must pay the captor.
  • About 3,000,000 shekels) was raised by assessing every wealthy person at So shekels.
  • It should be borne in mind that in early times the larger values, such as minae, would be transmitted by commerce, while after the introduction of coinage the lesser values of shekels and drachmae would be the units; and this needs notice, because usually a borrowed unit was multiplied or divided according to the ideas of the borrowers, and strange modifications thus arose.
  • The Ptolemaic copper coinage is on two bases -- the uten, binarily divided, and the Ptolemaic five shekels (1050), also binarily divided.
  • 8), the continual mention of large decimal numbers of shekels in the earlier books, and the certain fact of 100 shekels being = mina.

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