Sentence Examples

  • 53 the emperor Claudius made a subvention of io million sesterces (I,087,50o).
  • The only definite information as to the amount of fortune necessary refers to later republican and early imperial times, when it is known to have been 400;000 sesterces (about L3500 to £4000).
  • He gave for the support of sons and daughters of the townsfolk sesterces 04000);, for the maintenance of the library, 100,000 sesterces (800).
  • In 76 B.C. he was sued by C. Fannius Chaerea for 50,000 sesterces (about 400), and was defended by Cicero in a famous speech.
  • Caesar now reduced Gaul to the form of a province, fixing the tribute at 40,000,000 sesterces (350,000), and dealing liberally with the conquered tribes, whose cantons were not broken up.

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