Sentence Examples

  • The saurians are represented on land by several species of lizard, some of them conspicuous for their brilliant colouring, and by the large "iguana," whose flesh is considered a great delicacy.
  • Of Reptilia Chile is singularly free, there being recorded only eleven species - five saurians, four ophidians, one frog and one toad - but a more thorough survey of the uninhabited territories of the south may increase this list.
  • Fossil remains of saurians of gigantic size have been found; one thigh bone measures 6 ft.
  • Their fossils include belemnites, ammonites, scaphites and marine saurians, such as Cimoliosaurus.
  • He succeeded Haiiy as professor of mineralogy in the Museum of Natural History; but he did not confine himself to mineralogy, for it is to him that we owe the division of Reptiles into the four orders of Saurians, Batrachians, Chelonians and Ophidians.