Sentence Examples

  • Of Egypt, the Samians Lysander of Sparta, the Athenians Demetrius, the Delphians Craterus of Macedon.
  • A demand for help which the Samians sent to Sparta was rejected at the instance of the Corinthians.
  • East of Cefalu); but at the invitation of Anaxilas of Regium the Samians proceeded instead to the latter place.
  • About 488 B.C. Anaxilas and the Samians occupied Zancle in the absence of Skythes, and it was then that the name was changed to Messene, as the existence of coins of the Samian type, bearing the new name, proves.
  • Moreover in 454 (probably) the changed relations were crystallized by the transference (proposed by the Samians) of the treasury to Athens (Corp. Inscr.

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