Sentence Examples

  • The tail, in most species very short, has in others the middle feathers much elongated, and in one of the outer rectrices are attenuated and produced into threads.
  • Again, a slight deviation from the ordinary formation of the tail, whose rectrices normally number 14, and present a rounded termination, has led to the belief in a species, S.
  • Wilsoni, so like the English Snipe as not to be easily distinguished except by the possession of 16 rectrices, and Australia has G.
  • Stenura, in which the number of rectrices is still greater, varying from 20 to 28, it is said, though 22 seems to be the usual number.
  • The remiges and rectrices indicate perfect feathers, with shaft and complete vanes which were so neatly finished that they must have possessed typical radii and hooklets.

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