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  • At Horeb, the mount of God, was located the dramatic theophany which heralded to Elijah the advent of the sword, and Jehu's supporter in his sanguinary measures belongs to the Rechabites, a sect which felt itself to be the true worshipping community of Yahweh and is closely associated with the Kenites, the kin of Moses.
  • When there were sects like the Rechabites (Jer.
  • RECHABITES, or Sons Of Rechab, a sort of religious order among the Israelites in some respects analogous to the Nazarites, with whom they shared the rule of abstinence from wine.
  • Jeremiah promised them as a reward of their obedience that they should never lack a man to represent them (as a priest) before Yahweh, whence perhaps the later Jewish tradition that the Rechabites intermarried with the Levites and so entered the temple service.
  • 6) or Jehu and the Rechabites (2 Kings x.

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