Sentence Examples

  • He had to contend with the bitter hostility of the French protectionists, which occasioned a good deal of vacillation on the part of the emperor and his ministers.
  • The Protectionists have pointed _ to it as showing the disposition of the first Congress to 1789 1816.
  • Rate was to have gone into effect, the Protectionists again had control of Congress, and after a brief period of two months, during which this 20 per cent.
  • In 1872 a more general reduction was carried of war out, strongly resisted by the Protectionists, and finally duties.
  • The more aggressive protectionists among Mr Chamberlain's supporters had lately become very confident, and Mr Balfour plainly repudiated "protection" in so far as it meant a policy aiming at supporting or creating home industries by raising home prices; but he introduced a new point by declaring that an Imperial Conference would be called to discuss with the colonies the question of preferential tariffs if the Unionist government obtained a majority at the next general election.