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  • On the other hand the Porisms, to which Diophantus makes three references ("we have it in the Porisms that.
  • The "Porisms" quoted are interesting propositions in the theory of numbers, one of which was clearly that the dif f erence between two cubes can be resolved into of two cubes.
  • The book is valuable also for the propositions in the theory of numbers, other than the "porisms," stated or assumed in it.
  • Each of these was divided into two books, and, with the Data, the Porisms and Surface-Loci of Euclid and the Conics of Apollonius were, according to Pappus, included in the body of the ancient analysis.
  • With the mention of the Porisms of Euclid we have an account of the relation of porism to theorem and problem.

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