Sentence Examples

  • 17, II), the Hernici in the Trerus valley, Satricum and Glanica in the Pomptine marshes.
  • At Forum Appii it entered the Pomptine Marshes; that this portion (19 m.
  • Of the Pomptine Marshes.
  • Its position, at the point where the Volscian Hills reach the coast, leaving no space for passage between them and the sea, commanding the Pomptine Marshes (urbs pron g in paludes, as Livy calls it) and possessing a small harbour, was one of great strategic importance; and it thus appears very early in Roman history.
  • The summit is occupied by a massive terrace, supported by arcades of fine opus incertum (traditionally, but wrongly, called the palace of Theodoric) on all sides except the E., and commanding a magnificent view seaward over the coast and over the Pomptine Marshes.