Sentence Examples

  • In spite of his indebtedness to Caesar, Lentulus joined the Pompeians on the outbreak of civil war (49).
  • The Pompeians were punished for this violent outbreak by the prohibition of all theatrical exhibitions for ten years (Tacitus, Ann.
  • In this case an inscription records the repair and restoration of the edifice after the The interest taken by the Pompeians in the sports of the amphitheatre is shown by the contents of the numerous painted and scratched inscriptions relating to them which have been found in Pompeii - notices of combats, laudatory inscriptions, including even references to the admiration which gladiators won from the fair sex, &c.
  • Having been joined by his brother Sextus, he collected a considerable army, the numbers of which were increased by the Pompeians who fled from.
  • From Cyprus, where he had taken refuge, he made his way to Africa, and after the defeat of the Pompeians at Thapsus (46) crossed over to Spain.

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