Sentence Examples

  • N.S.), and in a series of subsequent memoirs, in which the structure of the entosternum, of the coxal glands, of the eyes, of the veno-pericardiac muscles, of the respiratory lamellae, and of other parts, was for the first time described, and in which the new facts discovered were shown uniformly to support the hypothesis that Limulus is an Arachnid.
  • The veno-pericardiac muscles of Scorpio were seen and figured by Newport but not described by him.
  • VPM' to VPM 7, The series of seven pairs of veno-pericardiac muscles (labelled pv in fig.
  • Pv' to pv 7, The seven veno-pericardiac muscles of the right side (labelled VPM in fig.
  • VPM' to VPN1 8, The eight pairs of veno-pericardiac muscles (labelled pv in fig.

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