Sentence Examples

  • The proteolvtic enzymes, or those which digest proteids, are usually divided into two groups, one which breaks down ordinary proteids into diffusible bodies, known as peptones, which are themselves proteid in character.
  • The other group attacks these peptones and breaks them down into the amino-acids of which we have spoken before.
  • (2) Albumoses, peptones and peptides.
  • The primary products of the dissociation of albumins are the albumoses, characterized by not being coagulable by heat, more soluble than the albumins, having a far less complex composition, and capable of being " salted (7) out " by certain salts, and the peptones, similar to albumoses but not capable of being " salted out "; moreover, peptones are less complex than albumoses.
  • By further decomposition peptones yield peptides, a certain number of which have been synthesized by Emil Fischer and his collaborators.