Sentence Examples

  • A main building with wings; the large amount of window space; the comparative flatness of the façades; the employment of a cornice to each storey; the effect of light and shade given by the balconies; and in churches by the circular pediments on the facades.
  • Giovanni e Paolo, which has six semicircular pediments of varying size crowning the six bays, in the upper order of which are four noble Romanesque windows.
  • In one of the pediments was a gigantomachy, of which some fragments have been recovered.
  • The sculptures of the pediments have been completely lost, but their design has been ingeniously reconstructed by Sauer.
  • In height, of which 48 stood in triple rows under the pediments and 56 in double rows at the sides; of these, 16 remained standing in 1852, when one was blown down by a storm.