Sentence Examples

  • A recently discovered fossil group, the Pteridospermae have characters intermediate between the Ptendophyta and the more primitive seedplants.
  • The subject of palaeontological botany has been advanced by the researches of both botanists and geologists.
  • In recent years the science of vegetable palaeontology has been given the distinct name of Palaeobotany, so that " palaeontology e' among biologists mainly refers to zoology; but historically the two cannot be disconnected.
  • In the meantime the foundations of palaeobotany were being laid (1804) by Ernst Friedrich von Schlotheim (1764-1832), (1811) by Kaspar Maria Sternberg (1761-1838) and (1838) by Theophile Brongniart (1801-1876).
  • His activity was by no means confined to palaeobotany, but extended into all branches of botany, more particularly anatomy and phanerogamic taxonomy.