Sentence Examples

  • In 75 he was consul, and excited the hostility of the optimates by carrying a law that abolished the Sullan disqualification of the tribunes from holding higher magistracies; another law de judiciis privatis, of which nothing is known, was abrogated by his brother.
  • Thus the optimates of Venice did what the optimates of Rome strove to do: they established a nobility whose one qualification was descent from those who had held office in past times.
  • He had previously been recalled by the optimates, but ignored the order.
  • Caesar's uncle was consul in 91 B.C., and his father held the praetorship. Most of the family seem to have belonged to the senatorial party (optimates); but Caesar himself was from the first a popularis.
  • The optimates finally decided to support him for the consulship in order to keep out Catiline, and he eagerly embraced the " good cause," his affection for which from this time onward never varied, though his actions were not always consistent.