Sentence Examples

  • The ophidians are also numerous, especially in the wooded lowlands valleys, and the poisonous species, though less numerous than others, include some of the most dangerous known - the rattlesnake surucucd (Lachesis rhombeatus), and jarardca (Bothrops).
  • The ophidians are also very numerous, ranging from the comparatively harmless boa-constrictor to the deadly " palanca " or " fer de lance " (Lachesis lanceolatus) and rattlesnake (Crotalus), of which there are several species.
  • Of Reptilia Chile is singularly free, there being recorded only eleven species - five saurians, four ophidians, one frog and one toad - but a more thorough survey of the uninhabited territories of the south may increase this list.
  • Among the ophidians, which include many harmless species, are the boa-constrictor, rattlesnake, the dreaded Lachesis and the coral snake.