Sentence Examples

  • The "powers" (numina, not dei), which thus become the objects of worship, are spirits specialized in function and limited in sphere.
  • Nor are the numina, not being anthropomorphic, capable of relation XXIII.
  • The primary attitude of man to the numina seems clearly to be one of fear, which survives prominently in the "impish" character of certain of the spirits of the countryside, such as Faunus and Inuus, and is always seen in the underlying conception of religio, a sense of awe in the presence of a superhuman power.
  • The worship centres round certain numina, the spirits indwelling in the sacred places of the original round hut in which the family lived.
  • 2919 2) the conception of Vesta was still material and not anthropomorphic. The Penates were the numina of the store-cupboard, at first vague and animistic, but later on, as the definite deus-notion was developed, identified with certain of the other divinities of household or state religion.

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