Sentence Examples

  • But no substantial philosophy of any kind emerged from humanism; the political lucubrations of the scholars were, like their ethical treatises, for the most part rhetorical.
  • (1 754, 1760, 1768, 1 77 1, 1 775, 1 777, 1785); Mathematical Lucubrations (1755) A Discourse concerning the Residual Analysis (1758); The Residual Analysis, book i.
  • We have in this list no genuine tradition, but rather the lucubrations of an undoubtedly conscientious Moslem critic, who may have lived about a century after the Flight.
  • For their courtiers he wrote epithalamial and funeral orations; ambassadors and visitors from foreign states he greeted with the rhetorical lucubrations then so much in vogue.
  • His prose treatises are more useful to students of manners than the similar lucubrations of Poggio.

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