Sentence Examples

  • Beans and lentils are extensively sown, and form an important article of export.
  • Other foodstuffs raised are lentils, beans, onions and melons.
  • There were green crops such as clover, and lentils, peas, beans, radishes, onions, lettuces (as a vegetable and for oil), castor oil and flax were grown.
  • Wheat, barley, millet, pease, lentils, rice, sorghum, lucerne and cotton are the chief agricultural products.
  • Other pod-fruits largely cultivated are various kinds of beans and peas, lentils (Ervum lens), Spanish lentils (Lcithyrus sativus) and other species of Lathyrus, lupines, &c. The principal fodder-crops are lucerne (Medicago saliva) and esparcette (a variety of sainfoin).