Sentence Examples

  • Berch, Bedeutung der Ate bei Aeschylos (1876); C. Lehrs, Populeire Aufsdtze aus dem Alterthum (1875); L.
  • Meineke, C. Lehrs, W.
  • Schlegel; see also Lehrs, Populcire Aufsatze aus dem Alterthum (1844-1846); Clement, Anion (1898).
  • Although Wolf at once perceived the value of the Venetian Scholia on the Iliad, the first scholar who thoroughly explored them was C. Lehrs (De Aristarchi studiis Homericis, Konigsberg, 1833; 2nd ed., Leipzig, 1865).
  • See C. Lehrs, Populdre Aufsatze (1856); J.

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