Sentence Examples

  • Finns, or Lapps, in N.
  • A number of Lapps usually encamp in the neighbouring Tromsdal during summer.
  • Inland in 68° 20' N., and two Lapps of his expedition went still farther on skis, to a point nearly under 45° W.
  • Quatrefages classes them, together with the Voguls, as two families of the Ugrian sub-branch, this last, together with the Sabmes (Lapps), forming part of the Ugrian.
  • As late as 1230 human sacrifices were still being offered up in Prussia and Lithuania, and, in spite of all the efforts of the Teutonic Knights, idolatrous practices still lingered amongst the people, while amongst the Lapps, though successful missions had been inaugurated as early as 1335, Christianity cannot be said to have become the dominant religion till at least two centuries later.