Sentence Examples

  • B (kohanim, sing.
  • We see from I Kings xviii., 2 Kings x., that great Baal temples had two classes of ministers, kohanim and nebhiim, " priests " and " prophets," and as the former bear a name which primarily denotes a soothsayer, so the latter are also a kind of priests who do sacrificial service with a wild ritual of their own.
  • " the book ") or Torath Kohanim (" the law of the priests "), a commentary on Leviticus, mainly halakic, the text being a source for various maxims. (On Lev.
  • By the Jews the book is called Wayyikra (rtrir.) from the first word of the Hebrew text, but it is also referred to (in the Talmud and Massorah) as Torath kohanim (ow5 min, law of the priests), Sepher kohanim ("2 i o, book of the priests), and Sepher korbanim (ow,p, vn, book of offerings).