Sentence Examples

  • ( 34d.) respectively, when the trains are run at grande vitesse, the fares including 30 kilogrammes weight of personal baggage.
  • Even under so " moderate " a load as 33 kilogrammes per square mm., the induced magnetization of a hard-drawn nickel wire in a field of 60 fell from 386 to 72 units, while the residual was reduced from about 280 to io.
  • Ewing's independent experiments showed that the magnetization curve for a cobalt rod under a load of 16.2 kilogrammes per square mm.
  • Thus the duty on wheat, which had been gradually raised as high as 5 marks per hundred kilogrammes (roughly is.
  • The number of factories reported for 1899 was 743, but as the consumption of leaf, tobacco increased from 5,546,677 to 8,587,356 kilogrammes, it may be assumed that the decrease in factories is due to the absorption or disappearance of the small shops using old-fashioned methods.