Sentence Examples

  • This Mistake Having Been Discovered, Augustus Ordered That All The Years From The Thirtyseventh Of The Era To The Forty Eighth Inclusive Should Be Common Years, By Which Means The Intercalations Were Reduced To The Proper Number Of Twelve In Forty Eight Years.
  • Directed Ten Days To Be Suppressed In The Calendar; And As The Error Of The Julian Intercalation Was Now Found To Amount To Three Days In 400 Years, He Ordered The Intercalations To Be Omitted On All The Centenary Years Excepting Those Which Are Multiples Of 400.
  • 46 Sec. Now The Gregorian Rule Gives 97 Intercalations In 400 Years; 400 Years Therefore Contain 365 X400 97, That Is, 146,097 Days; And Consequently One Year Contains 365.2425 Days, Or 365 Days 5 Hours 49 Min.
  • The Third 3 3, Gives Eight Intercalations In Thirty Three Years Or, Seven Successive Intercalations At The End Of Four Years Respectively, And The Eighth At The End Of Five Years.
  • If The Commencement Of The Year, Instead Of Being Retained At The Same Place In The Seasons By A Uniform Method Of Intercalation, Were Made To Depend On Astronomical Phenomena, The Intercalations Would Succeed Each Other In An Irregular Manner, Sometimes After Four Years And Sometimes After Five; And It Would Occasionally, Though Rarely Indeed, Happen, That It Would Be Impossible To Determine The Day On Which The Year Ought To Begin.

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