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  • Thus, while one village would produce nothing but felt shoes, another would carve sacred images (ikons), and a third spin flax only, a fourth make wooden spoons, a fifth nails, a sixth iron chains, and so on.
  • There are, besides, a theological academy, founded in 1615; a society of church archaeology, which possesses a museum built in 1900, very rich in old ikons, crosses, &c., both Russian and Oriental; an imperial academy of music; university courses for ladies; a polytechnic, with 1300 students - the building was completed in 190o and stands on the other side of Old Kiev, away from the river.
  • A natural consecration also hallows objects fallen from heaven, like the holy shield of the Sabii, or the holy ikons or pictures "not made with hands" which abound in Russia.
  • The great fair for which it was formerly famous has lost its importance, but the town remains the centre of a variety of domestic trades - tailoring, the manufacture of leather, and the making of boots and small enamelled ikons (sacred images); it is also famous for its kitchen gardening and the export of pickled and dried vegetables and medical herbs.
  • He had their respect, if not their love; he is the hero of a thousand ballads; and his portrait still hangs among the ikons in the cottages of the Greek mountaineers.

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