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  • The ores are principally magnetites (New York is the largest producer of magnetite ore among the states, producing about 45% of the total for the United States in 1907 and 1908), but red haematites occur in the N.
  • Section of the Adirondacks and in the central part of the state, and brown haematites and carbonate ore in the S.E.
  • These of course are the oldest of our ores, and from deposits of like age, especially those of the more readily decomposed silicates, has come the iron which now exists in the siderites and red and brown haematites of the later geological formations.
  • The rich beds near Lake Superior, chiefly red haematite, yielding at present about 55% of iron, are thought to contain between II and 2 billion tons, and the red and brown haematites of the southern states about to billion tons.
  • The iron deposits are very extensive, and the ores consist of red haematites, magnetites, titanic, chrome and manganese irons.

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