Sentence Examples

  • The story of Alexander's cutting the fatal "Gordian knot" on the chariot of the ancient Phrygian king Gordius is connected with his stay in this place.
  • - Tarsal joint of an Ephemerid larva into which two Gordius larvae, (a,a) have penetrated.
  • (b) Imperforata poro laterali nullo: Gordius, Ascaris, Hirudo, Myxine.
  • According to Greek tradition there existed in early time a Phrygian kingdom in the Sangarius valley, ruled by kings among whom the names Gordius and Midas were common.
  • Phrygia Parorius and all the river-valleys are exceedingly fertile, and agriculture was the chief occupation of the ancient inhabitants; according to the myth, Gordius was called from the plough to the throne.