Sentence Examples

  • Furriers wares..
  • The Lipscani was originally the street of merchants who obtained their wares from the annual fair at Leipzig; for almost all crafts or gilds, other than the bakers and tavern-keepers, were long confined to separate quarters; and the old names have survived, as in the musicians', furriers', and money-changers' quarters.
  • The red and the great, do not usually interest furriers, the fur being harsh and poor without underwool.
  • In the olden times the Skinners' Company of the city of London was an association of furriers and skin dressers established under royal charter granted by Edward III.
  • The work done by English furriers was generally good, but since about 1865 has considerably improved on account of the influx of German workmen, who have long been celebrated for excellent fur work, being in their own country obliged to satisfy officially appointed experts and to obtain a certificate of capacity before they can be there employed.

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