Sentence Examples

  • The flagellants paid for their own personal maintenance, but were allowed to accept board and lodging, if offered.
  • In the spring of 1349 bands of flagellants, perhaps from Hungary, began their propaganda in the south of Germany.
  • Sachets, Bizocchi, Flagellants, &c. The order of the Apostles was founded about 1260 by a young workman from the environs of Parma, Gerard Segarelli, who had sought admission unsuccessfully to the Franciscan order.
  • The magistrates in some of the Italian towns, and especially Uberto Pallavicino at Milan, expelled the flagellants with threats, and for a time the sect disappeared.
  • The flagellants reappeared, and made the state of religious trouble in Germany, provoked by the struggle between the papacy and Louis of Bavaria, subserve their cause.

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