Sentence Examples

  • These rollers present the silk to a set of fallers (steel bars into which are fixed fine steel pins), which carry forward the silk to another pair of rollers, which draw the silk through the pins of the fallers and present it to the rollers in a continuous way, thus forming a ribbon of silk called a " sliver."
  • The fallers are travelled forwards by means of screws, and when at the end of the screw are dropped automatically into the thread of a receiving screw fixed below, which carries the fallers back to their starting point to be risen by cams into the top pair of screws thus to repeat their journey.
  • During this time the silk has been conveyed through the fallers and into a large receiving drum about 3 ft.
  • Eight or more slivers are put behind the first drawing head, conveyed through the fallers and made into one sliver in front of the machine.
  • This is a drawing machine fitted with fallers through which the sliver is drawn, but the end from the front roller is wound on to a bobbin.

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