Sentence Examples

  • With the help of the patricians and eunuchs he contrived to dethrone and exile Irene, and to be elected emperor in her stead.
  • The begum was charged with having abetted Chait Sing in his rebellion; and after the severest pressure applied to herself and her attendant eunuchs, a fine of more than a million sterling was exacted from her.
  • A portorium - apparently one-eighth for eunuchs, onefortieth for others - was paid on their import or expori, and a duty of 2 or 4% on their sale.
  • The men are said to be in appearance very like eunuchs, and both sexes have a tendency to sexual indifference amounting in the men to impotence.
  • The "Voyage" of Ibn-Giobair, a traveller in Sicily in 1183-1185, shows William surrounded by Moslem women and eunuchs, speaking and reading Arabic and living like "a Moslem king."