Sentence Examples

  • Eremites (Constantinople, 1883); see also C. Krumbacher, Geschichte der byzantinischen Litteratur (1897); Gass-Kruger in Herzog-Hauck, Realencyklopcidie fiir protestantische Theologie, Bd.
  • The house of the Austin Friars or Friars Eremites was founded in Broad Street Ward in 1253.
  • These eremites also navigated the sea north of Iceland on their first arrival, and found it ice-free for one day's sail, after which they came to the ice-wall.
  • The nave of the church of the Austin Friars or Eremites in London is still standing.
  • Suddenly he plunged into the Erfurt Convent of the Augustinian Eremites and after due noviciate became a monk.

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