Sentence Examples

  • In Roman imperial times the ephebi had to deliver a speech at the Haloa.
  • In later times the ephebi also took part in the Proerosia.
  • Farther east is an underground passage leading eastward to a cave supposed to be the sanctuary of Aglaurus where the ephebi took the oath; with this passage is connected a secret staircase leading up through a cleft in the rock to the precinct of the Errephori on the Acropolis.
  • The young men of the upper classes assumed the Greek hat, and were banded together into a gild of ephebi on the Greek model.
  • In fact Jason established in Jerusalem the institutions which Strabo expressly describes as visible signs of the Greek way of life - " gymnasia and associations of ephebi and clans and Greek names borne by Romans " (v.

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