Sentence Examples

  • Among the Jews the preaching of the prophets had been a constant protest against the grosser forms of sacrifice, and there are indications that when Christianity arose bloody sacrifices were already beginning to fall into disuse; a saying which was attributed by the Ebionites to Christ repeats this protest in a strong form, "I.
  • 2), and states that it was used by the Ebionites (Comm.
  • According to the most recent investigations we may conclude that the Gospel according to the Hebrews was current among the Nazarenes and Ebionites as early as 100-125, since Ignatius was familiar with the phrase " I am no bodiless demon " - a phrase which, according to Jerome (Comm.
  • It was used by the Ebionites, and was written, according to Zahn (op. cit.
  • 13), used by the Ebionites and called by them the Hebrew Gospel.