Sentence Examples

  • The name has been applied generally to all kinds of instruments used in the measurement of a force, as for example electric dynamometers, but the term specially denotes apparatus used in connexion with the measurement of work, or in the measurement of the horse-power of engines and motors.
  • Apparatus is added to some dynamometers by means of which a curve showing the variations of P on a distance base is drawn automatically, the area of the diagram representing the work done; with others, integrating apparatus is combined, from which the work done during a given interval may be read off directly.
  • The essential part of many transmission dynamometers is a spring whose deformation indirectly measures the magnitude of the force transmitted through it.
  • In spring dynamometers designed to measure a transmitted torque, the mechanical problem of ascertaining the change of form of the spring is complicated by the fact that the spring and the whole apparatus are rotating together.
  • Beaumont, " Dynamometers and Friction Brakes," Proc. Inst.C.E.