Sentence Examples

  • Before the time of the Decemvirs, however, February was the last month of the year.
  • When it was decided to elect decemvirs for another year, he who had formerly been looked upon as the champion of the aristocracy, suddenly came forward as the friend of the people, and was himself re-elected together with several plebeians.
  • The decemvirs were finally compelled to resign and Appius Claudius died in prison, either by his own hand or by that of the executioner.
  • In The Reign Of Numa Two Months Were Added To The Year, January At The Beginning And February At The End; And This Arrangement Continued Till The Year 452 B.C., When The Decemvirs Changed The Order Of The Months, And Placed February After January.
  • The first board of decemvirs (apparently consisting wholly of patricians) was appointed to hold office during 451 B.C.; and the chief man among them was Appius Claudius.