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  • The architect was Mnesicles; the material Pentelic marble, with Eleusinian blackstone for dados and other details.
  • Sculptured wall-dados, but no Hittite inscriptions.
  • Puchstein's notice in 1882 by the chance discovery of sculptured wall-dados, now in Constantinople, was the scene of extensive German excavations in 1893-1894, directed by F.
  • Sakchegeuzu (Sakcheguzu), a site with several mounds between Sinjerli and Aintab; series of reliefs, once wall-dados, now in Berlin and Constantinople.
  • Dados of relief-sculpture run round the inner walls; this feature seems to have been common to Hittite buildings of a sumptuous kind, and accounts for most of the sculptured blocks that have been found, e.g.

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