Sentence Examples

  • With his most capable counsellors during the first twenty years of his reign (1506-1526).
  • With the assistance of these two counsellors he held in check the lawless, turbulent nobles, and ruled justly, to the satisfaction of the people, for fourteen years.
  • From the moment when she took her seat at the head of the council board she impressed her veteran counsellors with the conviction of her superior genius.
  • The upper house of the Bavarian parliament (Kammer der Reichsrdte) is composed of (I) the princes of the blood royal (being of full age), (2) the ministers of the crown, (3) the archbishops of Munich, Freising and Bamberg, (4) the heads of such noble families as were formerly "immediate" so long as they retain their ancient possessions in Bavaria, (5) of a Roman Catholic bishop appointed by the king for life, and of the president for the time being of the Protestant consistory, (6) of hereditary counsellors (Reichsreite) appointed by the king, and (7) of other counsellors appointed by the king for life.
  • These were the hereditary counsellors and companions of the chiefs, and conveyed to the people the decisions formed at their assemblies.