Sentence Examples

  • Monks or bonzes are very numerous; they live by alms and in return they teach the young to read, and superintend coronations, marriages, funerals and the other ceremonials which play a large part in the lives of the Cambodians.
  • The royal processions arranged in connexion with coronations were of great antiquity, but one of the earliest to be described is that of Henry III.
  • "We can trace the pedigree of princes," he reflects, "fill up the catalogue of towns besieged and provinces desolated, describe even the whole pageantry of coronations and festivals, but we cannot recover the genuine history of mankind."
  • There were, in fact, two sets of regalia, the one used for the coronations and kept at Westminster, FIG.
  • As well as the superintendence of the royal stables, he had that of the retinue of the sovereign, also the charge of the funds set aside for the religious functions of the court, coronations, &c. On the death of a sovereign he had the right to all the horses and their equipment in the royal stables.