Sentence Examples

  • They have also consultors, whose duty it is to study the subjects for consideration.
  • Assisted by a certain number of officials: the assessor, who practically fulfils the functions of the secretary, the commissary general, some consultors and the qualificators, whose duty it is to determine the degree of theological condemnation deserved by erroneous doctrinal propositions (haeretica, erronea, temeraria, &c.).
  • This tribunal is composed of six cardinals, one of whom is the prefect, assisted by a prelate secretary, consultors and the necessary inferior officials.
  • In the hands of the "Congregation of the Index," which consists of several cardinals, one of whom is the prefect, and more or less numerous "consultors" and "examiners of books."
  • A commission of cardinals, of which he himself became Method president; also a commission of " consultors " resident at Rome, which asked for a certain amount of assistance from canonists at various universities and seminaries.

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