Sentence Examples

  • The introduction of printing (first dated Hebrew printed book, Rashi, Reggio, 1475) gave occasion for a number of scholarly compositors and proof-readers, some of whom were also authors, such as Jacob ben Ilayyim of Tunis Later waters.
  • 1 The only other English sense is that of a printer's workshop, or the bod y of compositors in it, who are presided over by a "father of the chapel."
  • At Venice Aldo gathered an army of Greek scholars and compositors around him.
  • A Printing The MS., or " copy " as it is called, is handed, with all e instructions, to the overseer of the caseroom, who gives it out to the compositors in instalments as they finish the work already in hand.
  • After another reading or revision in the reading closet it is sent to the compositors, who make the final corrections in the type and hand the forme to the printing department to deal with.