Sentence Examples

  • Philopoemen's great merit lies in his having restored to his compatriots that military efficiency without which the Achaean League for all its skilful diplomacy could never stand.
  • In 1833 Cooper returned to America, and immediately published A Letter to my Countrymen, in which he gave his own version of the controversy he had been engaged in, and passed some sharp censure on his compatriots for their share in it.
  • Ashley's essay in Compatriots Club Lectures (1905) on "Political Economy and the Tariff Problem."
  • In his science he followed the Greeks, and to the Schoolmen he and his compatriots rightly seemed philosophers of the ancient world.
  • Du Guesclin, who had refused to march against his compatriots, died on the 13th of July 1380, and Charles V.