Sentence Examples

  • Statesmen and commentators alike professed to find in Magna Carta a number of political ideas which belonged to a later age, and which had no place in the minds of its framers.
  • Modern commentators, who also print the various texts of the charter, are Richard Thomson, An Historical Essay on the Magna Carta of King John (1829); C. Bemont, in his Charles des libertes anglaises (1892); and W.
  • In 1040 at Mainz), a famous Talmudist and com mentator, his pupil Jacob ben Yaqar, and Moses of Narbonne, called ha-Darshan, the "Exegete," were the forerunners of the greatest of all Jewish commentators, Solomon ben Isaac (Rashi), who died at Troyes in 1105.
  • Used, it gives the Book of Lupus, " De Metris Boetii," the "Vita Boetii " contained in some MSS., " Elogia Boetii," and a short list of the commentators, translators and imitators of the Consolatio.
  • After so many years the commentators had lost the key to this unusual term, and only knew that in common Greek "myrmex" meant an ant.