Sentence Examples

  • Cockayne in his Narratiunculae Anglice conscriptae (1861).
  • The Early English style is on the whole less well exemplified in the county, but Ashbourne church, with its central tower and lofty spire, contains beautiful details of this period, notably the lancet windows in the Cockayne chapel.
  • 14-160.) Blostman: First printed by Cockayne in the Shrine (1868-1869); reprinted, Englische Studien, xviii.; new edition by Hargrove, Yale Studies in English, xiii.
  • Martyrology: Cockayne, in the Shrine, v.s.
  • The church of Cockayne Hatley, near Potton, is fitted with rich Flemish carved wood, mostly from the abbey of Alne near Charleroi, and dating from 1689, but brought here by a former rector early in the 19th century.