Sentence Examples

  • The clavicles, when united, as usual, form the furcula; mostly the distal median portion is drawn out into a hypocleidium of various shape.
  • In birds of various groups the clavicles are more or less degenerated, the reduction beginning at the distal end.
  • In none of the existing, and in but few of the extinct types, are collar-bones, or clavicles, developed; and the scaphoid and lunar bones of the carpus are separate.
  • These rodents are characterized by the imperfectly rooted cheek-teeth, imperfect clavicles or collar-bones, cleft upper lip, rudimentary first front-toes, smooth soles, six teats and many cranial characters.
  • - Amphicoelous; parietals separate; clavicles dilated and with a perforation near the ventral end.