Sentence Examples

  • Aided by the Athenians and the Egyptian Hakor (Acoris), Evagoras extended his rule over the greater part of Cyprus, crossed over to Asia Minor, took several cities in Phoenicia, and persuaded the Cilicians to revolt.
  • Mopsus was worshipped as a god by the Cilicians, and had two famous oracles at Colophon and Mallus.
  • In 190 B.C. they were included among the provinces annexed by the Romans to the dominions of Eumenes of Pergamum; but somewhat rater they joined with the Pisidians and Cilicians in piratical ravages, and Side became the chief centre and slave mart of these freebooters.
  • The Cilicians appear as Khilikku in Assyrian inscriptions, and in the early part of the first millennium B.C. were one of the four chief powers of western Asia.

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