Sentence Examples

  • If further selection be made from the large body of miscellaneous poems, the comic poem on the physician Andro Kennedy may stand out as one of the best contributions to medieval Goliardic literature; The Two Mariit Wemen and the Wedo, as one of the richest and most effective pastiches in the older alliterative style, then used by the Scottish Chaucerians for burlesque purposes; Done is a battell on the Dragon Blak, for religious feeling expressed in melodious verse; and the well-known Lament for the Makaris.
  • The former is represented by the group known as the Scottish Chaucerians, by the 17thcentury Court poets, by the " English " writings of literary Edinburgh of the 18th century; the latter by the domestic and " rustic " muse from Christis Kirk on the Grene to the work of xxl y.