Sentence Examples

  • There are also ruins of an old church, the dedication of which, like the island chapel, is ascribed to one St Begnet, perhaps a diminutive form of Bega, but the identity is not clear.
  • The Bega canal runs from Temesvar to Nagy-Becskerek, and thence to Titel, where it flows into the Theiss.
  • It lies on the navigable Bega canal and on the river Bega, and consists of the inner town, formerly strongly fortified, and of four outlying suburbs.
  • Aeizanes and his successors style themselves kings of the Axumites, Homerites (Himyar), Raidan, the Ethiopians (Habasat), the Sabaeans, Silee, Tiamo, the Bugaites (Bega) and Kasu.

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