Sentence Examples

  • Ten years later, however, at the election of assemblymen, 33 of the western counties polled an extra-legal vote on the question of calling a constitutional convention, and 30,000 votes were cast for it to only l000 against it.
  • Under the first constitution there were property qualifications for voting which amounted in the election of the governor and senators to a freehold estate worth boo ($500) and in the election of assemblymen to a freehold estate worth X20.
  • Since 1846 both senators and assemblymen have been elected by single districts, and ever since the state government was established they have been apportioned according to population, but the present constitution limits the representation of New York City in the Senate by declaring that no county shall have more than one-third of all the senators nor any two adjoining counties more than one-half of them.
  • The number of assemblymen cannot be less than 54 or more than ioo, and the number of senators must be not more than one-third or less than one-fourth the number of members of the Assembly.
  • Until 1881 elections to the legislature were held annually, and the term of assemblymen was one year and of senators two years.